This is a repeating event

16novAll DayDr. Khoo Chong YewReference:The Straits TimesDeparted:2017Age:78Birth:1939


The Straits Times, 21st November 2017, Page C6.


  1. made an appointment to see you like I always do when I visit Singapore, Raffles said you left them and made an appointment with another Dr so I googled you.. so shocked and sad to have found this page.. I always thought you looked just the same every year I visited you. You were so kind, reassuring and put me at ease.. best Dr ever! will deeply miss you …

  2. I miss you lots Grampa Khoo. I have always been fascinated by your hard work and achievements and in the future I will always think of that to motivate me. Bet your having a great time in heaven. Love you

    • Dear Chloe bell, I’m so sorry for your loss. Reading your message made me think that you and Dr. Khoo must have been very close. He must have been a loving grandpa and a caring doctor. Definitely a great loss to Singapore’s eyecare industry. With all the advances in healthcare, it’s such a sad truth that humans are still are not able to conquer death. However, with God is the source of life (Psalms 36:9) and so it is reasonable, then, that the same God could restore life to those who have died. The Bible assures us that he will do just that in the future (Acts 24:15). It will be a time of great joy for all to be able to see Dr Khoo again.

  3. I was requesting to fix an appointment with Dr Khoo, but Raffles said that they couldn’t find him on the list. So I googled to see where he has posted to and saw this shocking piece of news…I am very sorry to learn about this. He is indeed a very reassuring and kind doctor. I am very thankful to be treated by such a great doctor.

  4. I was about to make a come back to visit dr khoo but instead a shocking news.the best doctor i hv ever known.NO ONE COULD BE AS GOOD AS HIM. Such a caring man and very professional Thanks for all yr help. I will always remember you.


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